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Spring was long in coming this year, but thankfully it has decided to stay this time. The blue skies, sunshine and vibrant colors are enough to make a person smile. :) We've been busy in the fields for about a week, doing tillage and planting corn. A light rain this morning brought things to a bit of a halt, but hopefully just long enough for me to write this blog post. I've been concocting this one in my head for almost a week now, but haven't had the time to post it. So, welcome to the spring edition of "Thoughts from the Tractor Seat", for that is where our story comes from today!

I've been thinking a lot lately about words. I know that may seem like an obvious thing for a writer to say, but it's more than just words themselves--it's the way that words are used and the impact they have on people.

Last Tuesday evening I was field cultivating (and having quite a nice time of it) when I looked back and, much to my dismay, saw hydraulic oil spraying everywhere. Of course I immediately stopped the tractor, got out to assess the damages, and then called Dad to tell him that I had blown a hydraulic line. The hose got fixed first thing the next morning and it was back to the tractor seat for me, but that picture stuck in my mind--a blown hydraulic hose spewing an oily mess all over the place.

It's so easy to let words come gushing out of our mouths when we're frustrated, without thinking what effect those words will have on whoever they are being spoken to or about. I think when I called Dad to tell him what happened, my exact words were something like, "Hey, it's raining over here". But as a friend pointed out, it wasn't a very refreshing rain. :)

Are our words like a cool rain in the heat of summer, bringing life and refreshment? Or are they more like hydraulic oil--black, hot, greasy, and making a mess? Do I use my words to encourage, compliment, and build up those around me? Or do I use them in a way that only tears people down?

My challenge recently has been to speak positively, whether it's to someone, about someone, or just concerning anything in general. Life's problems are much easier to deal with when at least one person can point out the bright side, and I want to be that person.

I guess that's all for now. Dad just called and needs me back out in the field. 

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I have several exciting events coming up in May, so I hope to post again to share all of that with you!

Enjoy a beautiful week :)



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