I'm Keri Nicole, a 19 year old farm girl, author, homeschool graduate, and servant of the Most High God.

I am temporarily residing in the beautiful Midwest with my wonderful family, looking forward to the day when I reach Home and see my Jesus face to face.  These are the things that I Love~

My Father, who has first loved me and called me by name saying, You are Mine.

the feeling of fresh tilled dirt between my toes

My Savior, who laid down His life for me and through whom I stand before God justified


the beautiful song of a bird whistling to his sweetie

being a farm girl

The voice of God when He whispers into my heart

seeing a newborn calf get up on wobbly legs and stare at me with big brown eyes

a spring breeze and sunshine on my face


Knowing that God is transforming this heart into the beautiful image of Christ

riding in the tractor with my Dad

seeing joy in the eyes of a friend

playing Dutch Blitz, capture the flag, and volleyball

looking out over a field of corn or wheat and thinking about the harvest

the beautiful harmony and the richness of a hymn

Southern Gospel Music


the smell of rain

eating pizza and popcorn

my persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ


the taste of a fresh baked pie

my excessive number of hobbies:

cross stitch and embroidery

playing piano...


...and mountain dulcimer

weaving on an old fashioned loom



reading good books

I could keep going because I absolutely love life and think it's so exciting! But, I guess that's all for now.

Thanks for stopping by!

~Keri Nicole


  1. Congratulations! I am "busting my buttons" I am so proud of you and excited about your book!!! God is SO good!!!! and I am so glad He he allowed me to be your Grandma Julia!!! PTL

  2. Hi Keri!

    Thanks so much for the sweet comment you left on my blog! It looks like we have a lot in common. Congratulations on your book!

    1. Thanks! I appreciate you stopping in and saying hey. God bless as you continue to write!

  3. This is a wonderful about page!!! I wish I could play the dulcimer! Also I've been wondering, are you Mennonite? ;-)

    1. No, I'm not Mennonite. :) Our family does go to church (it's a Dunkard Brethren Church--similar to conservative Mennonite), but we aren't members, so I tell people I'm just a Christian! ;-)

      I got my dulcimer out in Shipshewana, IN and taught myself. It's really not that hard to learn in you have a basic understanding of music and a little ambition!

      Thanks for stopping by and God bless!

  4. Wow Keri!! God bless as you use your talents to bring glory to His name! Can't wait to get my hands of your book! :) I love your zest for life! Blessings ~ Marci

    1. Thanks Marci!! Good to hear from you! :)

  5. This is a awesome blog!! I started a group blog not long ago and Ashley from Precious Moments is apart of it and she did a post on one of your books! It sounds awesome and I hope to read I very soon!! Wonderful blog!! maddysdigitaldiary.wordpress.com girlslivingforgodsglory.wordpress.com



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