The Favorite // What I Wore

Thank you all so much for letting me know which picture you like the best! I was very excited about how many of you left a comment, sent me an email, or even told me in person. It really helped with my decision! :) If you haven't seen the pictures, check out my last post: Author Photos // Pick Your Favorite Out of 15 suggestions nine said that they like: 

#4 In the Hay Field

This will be the official author photo for the back of my book! #2 was the second favorite with 3 votes, 2 people liked #3 and there was only one vote for #1...sorry Grandma J.--at least this was your second favorite! ;)

// Outfit Details //
{ for those of you girls who were wondering :) }
Shirt: Pink Republic, Kohl's
Skirt: Made by me from a pair of jeans
Layering Shirt: So Perfect Tee, Kohl's
Scarf: Old Navy
Shoes: Faded Glory, Walmart

Hope y'all are having an awesome day!
               ~Keri Nicole