Meet the Characters // David


I would like to introduce you to some of the people in my book, so over the next few weeks you will be getting acquainted with a couple of the main characters. Today I would like you to meet...

David Joseph Riley

"David had thick brown hair and green eyes that twinkled with his every smile."  

"He was a lively young man of sixteen with a kind heart, a strong character, and a broad smile just like his Pa." 

In Paths of Righteousness follows the life and struggles of this adventuresome farm boy whose delightful personality will be sure to capture your heart. The story finds him growing up in the midst of a culture where the Christian faith had become dead, empty and devoid of hope. He tries so hard to be a good person, but watches with horror as all of his efforts fail and God shows him the depth of sin in his heart. Believing that if he can just obey everything that the Bible commands him to do he will be righteous enough to gain eternal life, David is devastated when he discovers that "There is none righteous, no, not one:" (Romans 3:10). Meanwhile, a local wives tale demands his attention when David sees with his own eyes the mad man who had supposedly died many years before. As he seeks to uncover the mysteries that continually play over in his mind, God works a miracle in David's heart and life. But it doesn't come with out a cost. 

I loved creating the character of David because I was able to express what Christ has done for me and some of the ways that God has worked in my life through the events in David's life and the struggles of his heart. I love his smile, and his sense of humor; and sometimes I can even hear him whistling a cheery tune. 

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